Whacky kids, whacky film!

Film School 2017

We held a 5-day film school for teens and adults, introducing the skills a film maker needs to complete a short movie. These included:

screenwriting, storyboarding, casting, lighting, cameras, sound recording, direction, production, editing, and exhibition

The class took place for 2 hours each day (1pm to 3pm), from Monday 28th August to Friday 1st September 2017, at the Marcellus Free Library community room. Cost to enroll was $25. The goal of the school was to encourage local film makers, and we aim for every attendee to have a completed film soon after attending. Enrollment allows one free film submission to the M3F3 2017 festival.

The class was taught by Iara Rogers Benchoam, a graduate of the Syracuse University film program, film maker, and local resident.

Based on the success of this Film School, we plan to hold another in 2018. Send an email to info@m3f3.org to express your interest…