Nine Mile Creek

2021 Festival & Results

Audience for m3f3 2021
The audience during Marcellus Mini Movie Family Film Festival 2021

The Winner of the MARCELLUS GRAND PRIZE is ‘The Extinction of Up’, by Randy Boyum of the US. Other category winners, as voted for by the audience:

Kid’s Animation Al Tabbab
Our Environment Painting by Numbers
Comedy Trent Lockwood and the Jaguar Skull
Horror The Visitors
Covid-19/Lockdown The Ghost Girl
Drama Where I’ve Been
Family & Home Just Like Water
Female Filmmakers Eraser : The Love Project


Detailed Schedule: 

Time Session Film Country of Origin


6:30 Opening remarks    
6:35 kids Animation Al Tabbab Qatar
    Misfit United States
    It Always Could Be Worse United States
6:53 Our Environment Painting By Numbers Australia
    Corona God India
7:12 Comedy Kiwi’s Dream United Kingdom
    The Extinction Of Up United States
    Trent Lockwood and the Jaguar Skull United States
7:33 Horror The Visitors United States
    Branching out with the Invisible Man Australia
7:52 Intermission (Non-competition films)

M3F3 Film Camp 2021 Project

Off the Wall & Up Close

Central New York
8:25 SECOND HALF    
8:25 COVID-19 Ghost Girl Costa Rica
    my dear quarantine Poland
8:35 Drama Where I’ve Been United States
    Hit List Japan
9:00 Family and home Kaval Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of
    The World’s Greatest Home  Canada
    Just Like Water Greece
    Emsahar Qatar
    Ride That Dream United States
9:54 Female Film Makers Eraser Japan
    The Odyssey Australia
    Diversity Germany
10:25 Announcement of Winners & Close