2018 Results

The Festival took place on Saturday 3rd November 2018, from 10am to 5pm. The following are the results of the audience voting, with tie breaks decided by the festival director. Congratulations to all our winners!

General Good Girls Don’t Category winner
Animation Pinch Pot Category Winner
Comedy Spy Games Category Winner
Hunting Bigfoot Highly commended
How Dads Hear Highly commended
Family and Home For a Better Life Category Winner
Average Mom Highly commended
Female Filmmakers Golden Girl Category Winner
D.A.T.E. Highly Commended


The Official Selections are shown below.

General Schedule

(further details below)

Time Category Project Title Directors
10:00 AM General – 10+ mins The Art of Getting Lost Luca Schilirò, Fabrizio Casorzo
The Confidence Stepan Sokolov
2nd Class Jimmy Olsson
Wonderland Tiffanie Hsu
Good Girls Don’t Ana de Lara
Sparow Welby Ings
12:00 PM Animation Blows With The Wind  Hazhir As’adi
And She Rode Forth…. Deb Ethier
Sunup Lizzie Hopwood
Euthanasia Pines Tara Gordon
Pinchpot Greg Holfeld
Just Visiting Charlie Kothe
Cat Days Jon Frickey
1:00 PM Comedy Happy Birthday Javier F. Espadas
Spy Games James Marlowe
How Dads Hear George A. Johnson
The Study Date Sam Avery
Hunting Bigfoot Kelsey O’Brien McManus
Heath + Brian Zack Reichgut
Destiny Vikkramm Chandirramani
2:00 PM Family and Home Average Mom Cathy Lynn Yonek
Scenes from a Visit Neil Ira Needleman
Lights Matthew Hanisch
For A Better Life Yasmin Mistry
Shattered Gerrit Magnus Beduhn
3:00 PM Female Filmmakers Western Jubilee Donna W, Guthrie, Colin W. Guthrie
D.A.T.E Sai Deodhar Anand
Golden Girl Chiara Fleischhacker
4:00 PM General – 10 or fewer minutes Request Kazuya Ashizawa
Cross the Bridge Marc Eikelenboom
Area 52 Sam Avery
Forever Ago Kai Vernooy, Simon Stone
Infected Meera Mahadhi
Beachballs and Tablecloths Caden H. Hollander
Bringing Back Eagles Kristen Carton
The Adventures of Zack and Molly Jim Toomey
5:00 PM Announcement of Category Winners and Grand Prize


The M3F3 2018 festival is kindly hosted by the Marcellus Free Library.

Marcellus Free Library
32 Maple Street
Marcellus, New York, USA, 13108
Tel: 315-673-3221


Detailed Schedule:

10:00 am

General Films: 10 minutes or more


The Art of Getting Lost
Directed by Luca Schilirò, Fabrizio Casorzo
Synopsis: An artist struggles to produce his last work in a difficult family situation.
Italy 11:25 ‘ G


The Confidence
Directed by Stepan Sokolov
Synopsis: Vasya, a diffident young man, asks his smart friend Jenya to help him impress a cute girl Vika who is Vasya’s dream woman. Jenya suggest Vasya protects Vika from a fictional abduction, with the abductors being Jenya’s friends. Our friends couldn’t even imagine that alongside their fictional abduction 2 real want to really abduct Vika.
Russia 12:27 G


2nd Class
Directed by Jimmy Olsson
Synopsis: Charlotte has got a new job as a second-grade teacher. One night she is attacked by a nazi and is severely injured. When she comes back to her students she discovers that one of her students is the son of that nazi.


Directed by Tiffanie Hsu
Synopsis: Twelve-year-old Adeline Tang struggles to navigate America’s adult playground and keep her mother’s gambling under control, all for the promise of that perfect family Christmas holiday once her father arrives. But as the days unfold, Adeline realizes that growing up might not hold all the excitement she’d been hoping for.
USA 14:18


Good Girls Don’t
Directed by Ana de Lara
Synopsis: A comedic short film about a Filipina-Canadian girl who defies her mother’s warning that she will turn into a boy if she plays basketball. (Spoiler Alert: She doesn’t!)
Canada 15:00


Directed by Welby Ings
Synopsis: Sparrow is the lyrical story of a small boy who believes he can fly. However, his life is overshadowed by the legend of his grandfather who died a hero in World War Two. One night he discovers the tale that his father so adamantly clings to, is a lie. His grandfather was a gay man, who seeing the futility of war, deserted in protest when his lover was shot in the dugouts of Egypt. In unravelling the truth behind what happened, the boy discovers the strength to stand up to the bullies in his world, in an unexpected way.
New Zealand 15:00 ‘Gõ¯


12:00 pm     Animation


Blows With The Wind
Directed by Hazhir As’adi
Synopsis: After occurring some events for the scarecrow, scarecrow becomes human.
Iran 06:30 G


And She Rode Forth….
Directed by Deb Ethier
Synopsis: A Bard recounts the tale of the Archetypal Heroine, called forth by necessity to begin her journey and fulfill her destiny. A silhouette animation, this is a “song without words”, the tale being told solely through visuals and instrumental music.


Directed by Elizabeth (Lizzie) Hopwood
Synopsis: In a lush tropical forest, a wacky firebird is pursued by a hermit with an intense hunting habit. Constantly thwarted by the bird’s uncanny connection to the cycles of the sun, the hermit comes to realize that his blissful adversary may be more powerful than it appears.
USA 04:33 G


Euthanasia Pines
Directed by Tara Gordon
Synopsis: (Not supplied by filmmakers). Escapades at a Retirement Home.
Directed by Greg Holfeld
Synopsis: A story about art and work, giving and receiving, life and death, and things made from lumps of clay.
Australia 04:21


Just Visiting
Directed by Charlie Kothe
Synopsis: After a trip to the big city, a mysterious traveler  and his faithful canine catch a ride home that’s  out of this world.
USA 01:38


Cat Days
Directed by Jon Frickey
Synopsis: Jiro, a little boy, feels sick. His father takes him to see the doctor. She diagnoses a harmless case of cat flu. However, according to the doctor, this means that Jiro must be a cat. As father and son try to cope with the boy’s new identity, things go awry. Jiro’s father wishes him to connect with other cats at the animal shelter, but Jiro gets scratched. Complying with a handbook on raising cats, Jiro’s father sends his son outside. This leads to encounters with a friend, with nature and with a wild white cat. In the end, though, everything will feel right again.
Germany 11:09


1:00 pm



Happy Birthday
Directed by Javier F. Espadas
Synopsis: Why does Dad want to celebrate his daughter’s birthday every night?
Spain 01:00


Spy Games
Directed by James Marlowe
Synopsis: After intercepting an enemy agent, over-confident spy Ian suspects his colleague, Bill, of being a mole.
USA 08:20 õ¯


How Dads Hear
Directed by George A. Johnson
Synopsis: A comedic look at how dads hear when all of the kids are talking at the same time.
USA 02:31


The Study Date
Directed by Sam Avery
Synopsis: Sarah just wants to study but Mitch seems to have other plans…  Some background – this film was actually made in collaboration by intro-film production students at the State University of New York, College at Cortland. They wrote the script and assumed all the required crew positions! It was a great learning exercise for them and I’m sure they would love to see their film on the big screen!


Hunting Bigfoot
Directed by Kelsey O’Brien McManus
Synopsis: A group of friends and their dog are in search of Bigfoot.
USA 07:00


Marcellus õ¯


Heath + Brian
Directed by Zack Reichgut
Synopsis: When twin brothers Heath and Brian are subjected to a scavenger hunt initiated by their eccentric roommate, they embark on a journey of self-discovery.
USA 05:52


Directed by Vikkramm Chandirramani
Synopsis: Tanya finds it hard to accept when a guy she has meet twice and has been raving about, loses interest in her. She decides to make him taste the same rejection. A charming bitter-sweet romantic comedy.


India 13:44


2:00 pm

Family and Home


Average Mom
Directed by Cathy Lynn Yonek
Synopsis: An unconventional single mom raises her son to be an exceptional young man.
USA 12:05




Scenes from a Visit
Directed by Neil Ira Needleman
Synopsis: After being away for several months, a documentary filmmaker visits the remote home his aging parents bought. During the visit, he comes to realize that the years are catching up to his octogenarian father, an artist with a vivid imagination.
USA 08:35


Directed by Matthew Hanisch
Synopsis: After losing his way, a young man must reconcile his past mistakes if he hopes to reconnect with his parents and find the light in his life again.
USA 06:00


For A Better Life
Directed by Yasmin Mistry
Synopsis: Sold for $100 at the age of 5, Fekri suffers through years of abuse before his plight is discovered. After almost a year of hospitalization and therapy Fekri moves into a group home where he finds support, mentorship, and eventual forgiveness towards the family which sold him.


Directed by Gerrit Magnus Beduhn
Synopsis: During a train ride, Theo remembers how he and his dad played chess for the first time and went on a sailing trip. Happy memories, until they speak about Theo’s dead mom. Theo feels responsible for her death. Then destiny strikes again.
Germany 10:36


3:00 pm

Female Filmmakers


Western Jubilee
Directed by Donna W, Guthrie, Colin W. Guthrie
Synopsis: Western Jubilee is a documentary film about a private music venue and recording studio in Colorado Springs, CO devoted to traditional cowboy music.  The film features avid collector Scott O’Malley, the owner of Western Jubilee, and Grammy-nominated cowboy singer Don Edwards. These two men share a friendship, an obsession, and a true love for all things cowboy.
USA 10:00


Directed by Sai Deodhar Anand
Synopsis: An older lady’s first job interview and what happens thereafter.
India 13:10




Golden Girl
Directed by Chiara Fleischhacker
Synopsis: The 14-year-old Céline sits in a designer dress, with high hair and perfect make-up in front of her father’s camera. It should be the perfect photo today, never before has so much time been invested in preparation. She looks beautiful, but how long can the outer shine obscure her emotional world? Is this really herself or is it her father’s ideal, an empty template that is put on a new mask at every shooting?


Germany 12:52 ‘Gõ¯


4:00 pm

General Films 10 minutes or fewer


Directed by Kazuya Ashizawa
Synopsis: A woman and a man who met first time today  are playing cello together.  The man wants to see her again, so he requests  a music for the next meeting.  Will she accept his request?
Japan 01:00


Cross the Bridge
Directed by Marc Eikelenboom
Synopsis: A lonely bridgekeeper’s life changes if he falls in love.
Netherlands 02:29


Area 52
Directed by Sam Avery
Synopsis: “This Place Looks Nice” – Voice from Space
USA õ ¯


Forever Ago
Directed by Kai Vernooy, Simon Stone
Synopsis: When two friends are chased through the forest, they’ll have to solve the mystery of their attacker.
USA 04:07


‘ ¯


Directed by Meera Mahadhi
Synopsis: A film about the power of social media and how it will lead to danger when you are addicted to IT.
India 06:45


Beachballs and Tablecloths
Directed by Caden H. Hollander
Synopsis: Three teenagers stuck on the side of the road must find a way out of their tough situation.
USA 06:59



Bringing Back Eagles
Directed by Kristen Carton
Synopsis: Take a quick look at how the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) was able to bring the Bald Eagle back from the brink of extinction in New York State.
USA 02:59




The Adventures of Zack and Molly
Directed by Jim Toomey
Synopsis: Zack  is  more  interested  in  the  small  world  of  his  smart  phone  than  the  larger  world  around  him.  His  online  request  for  a  roommate  is  answered  by  Molly,  a  tech-savvy  dumbo  octopus  on  a  mission  to  tell  the  world  about  the  importance  of  the  deep  ocean.  Molly  wants  to  use  Zack’s  apartment  for  her  global  communications  headquarters,  but  Zack  is  skeptical.
USA 10:00 O