Marcellus Free Library

2017 Festival & Results

The category winner results of the 2017 festival are shown below:

Comedy UFO Chasers
Iranian Track
Home Land Doña Catalina
Environmental Still Here: 200 Years on The Erie Canal
Teen María Fernanda in time
Family & Fun Family Rewritten







The M3F3 2017 festival was kindly hosted by the Marcellus Free Library.

Marcellus Free Library
32 Maple Street
Marcellus, New York, USA, 13108
Tel: 315-673-3221

It took place on Friday to Sunday, 10 to 12th November 2017. The final schedule is shown below.


Friday 10th November
7:00 PM Evening Feature – rated G Cars 3
Blindsided by a new generation of blazing-fast cars, the legendary Lighting McQueen finds himself pushed out of the sport that he loves. Hoping to get back in the game, he turns to Cruz Ramirez, an eager young technician who has her own plans for winning. With inspiration from the Fabulous Hudson Hornet and a few unexpected turns, No. 95 prepares to compete on Piston Cup Racing’s biggest stage.
Film School Film: When Nyan Cat Attacks
 A cat invades Earth and is defeated by munchkins?
Big Trouble in Little Marcellus Tracy Caryl*
Saturday 11th November
10am   Son of Rambow PG-13
In 1980s England, schoolboys Will Proudfoot (Bill Milner) and Lee Carter (Will Poulter) meet by chance in a hallway. Though the boys are polar opposites, Lee asks Will to help him make a homemade action movie, inspired by Sylvester Stallone’s hit, “Rambo: First Blood.” Will, who lives in a strict religious environment, is only too happy to oblige his new friend.
12:00 AM Afternoon Feature Film
Don’t Give Up The Ghost 1:28:17 Jean-Louis Milesi
Summer vacation. 3 French brothers, Matt, Eliot, and Lucas, (17, 14 and 7 years old) follow their American mother to San Francisco where she must take care of the house of her missing uncle.  As the police investigates his mysterious disappearance, Eliot makes contact with their great uncle’s ghost and learns that he was murdered… and that the wicked Snorter is searching for his soul – to eat it.   Gulp!  The ghost is rather pleasant and because he hands the boys $100 bills, the brothers agree to find his soul and save it from the Snorter… but they will find something more subtle. United States
1:45 PM Comedy
High Calorie 0:17:29 Mehmet Tığlı
High Calorie is a tale about Meftun who lives with his grandmom in Istanbul. Due to his obesity, some people have prejudices towards him. However, he is happy and at peace with himself. One day he meets a girl named Sahika on the internet. Although Meftun show his face and body, Sahika hides her face on the webcam. She stipulates that she will show her face fully, in case Meftun loses a great deal of weight… Turkey
Bonusmother 0:06:33 Sebastian Christensen*
A young documentary film crew follows Viktor who has moved in with his dad’s new girlfriend Rikke. The crew quickly discovers that Rikke is a much better character, and they follow her trying to understand her thoughts. Denmark
Candy 0:04:17 Miles Shephard*
3 kids are puzzled by the sudden disappearance of the household’s candy supply.  Has this anything to do with their father’s mysterious disappearance? And what is that strange crackling sound coming from the spare room? United Kingdom
Lew’s Up First 0:06:00 Andre Campbell
Lew is ready to buy his first computer ever for his new office. Mac or Windows, he is not sure. So Abbey the computer specialist has all the right techy answers for him. If only he knew what she was talking about. This short film pays homage to comedy duo Abbott & Costello’s, “Who’s on first.” United States
UFO Chasers 0:30:49 Kelsey O’Brien McManus
Sci-fi Comedy about two FBI Agents who are trying to catch Aliens that crashed landed in a small town called Marcellus. United States
3:00 PM Iranian
Zaman 0:45:00 Reza Shokrani
Seyyed Shiri, known as Zaman, is a Pakistani immigrant. After the death of his father in the Pakistan Kashmir War, he moved to Iran with his family. He got married in Iran and formed his own family. He worked many different jobs to provide for his family. however, the regulations that exist for the immigrants doesn’t allow him to work in many fields.   This documentary is about the last days of his life living in Iran.    Zaman is a story about Seyyed Shiri, a Pakistani immigrant in Iran, who without permanent residency, struggles to find a fixed job that can support his family.    A documentary about a one-of-a-kind Pakastani immigrant called Zaman, who has led a hard life, but still manages to keep a positive attitude.
Light 0:02:00 Reza Golchin
Children and schools in Talesh city mountains.
Track 0:04:00 Reza Golchin
No description provided, but it seems to be about children going to school.
Swan Lake 0:09:33 Ali Nikfar
The story of two swans which fall in love in a place calls Swan Lake.
The guy came on horseback 0:15:00 hossein rabiei dastjerdi
When a rural man becpmes aware of the truth that his disabled son has fallen in love with their neighbor’s daughter, he decides to work around it…
4:30 PM Homeland
America Heard: Refuge of Hope 0:05:00 Yasmin Mistry
Syracuse, New York is an unlikely home to over 10,000 former refugees. Two women at the forefront of this community reflect on what their presidential vote means to those whose only true home is the American city that took them in. United States
Doña Catalina 0:08:59 Adriana Marquez
Her heart is in two places United States
Grandma Dorota 0:10:00 Agnieszka Gasiorek*
Documentary short film about my grandmother, which was deported to Siberia by the Soviets in 1950. The film explores how this tragic event has affected on her life and her further identity. But also how it has affected me – her granddaughter. Poland
Manos Abierta En Esta Tierra  (Hands Open in this Land) 0:08:24 Marylys Merida, Rajaiah Jones
The land between community and family. United States
Dreams of Cambodia 0:07:26 Cyntheara Tham, Nadia Healey
A girl’s journey of self-discovery. United States
5:15 PM Animation
Flipped Out 0:05:41 Jihyeon Bae*
“Flipped out” is a 2D animated film about an old flip phone who gets replaced by the latest smartphone model. The animation’s hand-drawn style complements the film’s message which is to face inevitable obsolescence with grace and wisdom as you gain self-knowledge. United States
Dinosaur vs. Ball 0:00:58 Tyler Meyer
No description provided, but it seems to be a dinosaur battling a ball. The shortest film in the festival. United States
The Old Man and The Pears 种梨 0:05:00 Jing Sun*
A weak and hungry old man begs for a pear from a fruit peddler, but the peddler refuses and rejects him.  A little boy bravely steps forward and spends his last coin to buy a pear for the old man. Finally, a magical form of justice emerges from the ground.  本片故事取材改编自清代文学家蒲松龄所著文言文短篇小说集《聊斋志异》,讲述一个关于幼年,青年,老年以及男性与女性共同成长的故事。 China
iRony 0:07:53 Radheya Jegatheva
A film that explores the relationship between man and technology…told from the perspective of a phone.  Variously described as an Animation, an Experimental Film, a Narrative, a Documentary or a Film-Poem depending on who you speak to, this hand drawn animated film is based on the poem ‘Seven Billion’. Australia
5:45 PM Environmental
Once our world had edges 0:03:22 Sonja van Kerkhoff
Made entirely out of NASA International Space Station footage this video connects visions of our planet from space with our inner cosmos. Original music by
Gareth Schott, New Zealand.
New Zealand
A Universal Message 0:02:25 Sarah Davin Murphy*
Animal agriculture is having a negative impact on our environment, but there is a way to help. Ireland
Still Here: 200 Years on The Erie Canal 0:05:00 Kristen Carton
This short documentary celebrates the beginning of The Erie Canal’s bicentennial period by taking a brief look at its history, as well as its modern day relevance. United States
SEEDS 0:01:48 Miles Shephard*
Two men argue over a packet of seeds until a young boy sees the true answer to their conflict.  And so the seeds of cooperation are sewn.  This simple allegorical live-action/animation film, shows the plight of mankind, and how we can fix it if only we embrace each other and cooperate. Then and only then can the world truly be one with us and we can truly be one with the world. Not Specified
The Arcade Creek Project: A Mosaic of Sustainability 0:29:44 Jierel Almario*
This documentary film tells the story of a small, deteriorated creek and a group of high schoolers who attempts to save the dying ecosystem before it is gone forever. United States
7:00 PM Evening Feature – Rated PG-13 Spider-Man: Homecoming
Thrilled by his experience with the Avengers, young Peter Parker returns home to live with his Aunt May. Under the watchful eye of mentor Tony Stark, Parker starts to embrace his newfound identity as Spider-Man. He also tries to return to his normal daily routine — distracted by thoughts of proving himself to be more than just a friendly neighborhood superhero. Peter must soon put his powers to the test when the evil Vulture emerges to threaten everything that he holds dear.
9:30 PM Families have Teens Too – PG13
I Remember 0:14:31 Caden Hollander
Thirteen kids wake up in a room with no way out and they can’t remember much of anything about their past. Once kids start vanishing every two minutes, the kids must try to find a way to escape and try to remember the reason they are there. United States
High School “Pilot” 0:09:11 Emily Wood
Highschoolers learn that foreigners CAN speak English. United States
SCARLETT-ANGELINA 0:09:50 Lorette Bayle
Tag Line: Never underestimate a little girl with good manners. Scarlett-Angelina, pampered daughter of wealthy parents, takes it all in stride when she is kidnapped by Ralph, who poses as the family chauffeur. Ralph finds out the reason for her attitude when the exchange doesn’t go as planned. United States
WORK PARTY 0:02:31 Johnny Ramey
When there’s an office party, and you need a date, Julie is just the lady for you!!  Paul is having a bad day. Someone hit his car in an empty parking lot, his scarf keeps flying in his face, and Julie won’t relent on asking him out as her date to the office holiday party.   What is a guy & a girl to do? … Relent!! United States
Sunday Fun Day 0:08:34 Rob Underhill*
When all you have is your mind for company and you yearn for something much much more. United States
María Fernanda in time 0:09:20 Xavier Pijuan
An overprotective mother produces an accident with terrible consequences in the space-time continuum in the scientific laboratory where his son works. Spain
1:30 PM Families and Fun
Family Rewritten 0:13:15 Yasmin Mistry
No description provided United States
Filling In 0:22:00 Bradley  Hawkins
A gentle giant of man, down on his luck, considers a risky and covert career path. To help him learn the ropes, a grizzled vet in the field takes him under his wing. United States
Imagine Kolle 37 0:07:08 Michele Meek
“Imagine Kolle 37” is a short documentary/narrative hybrid film about two girls who imagine their way to Kolle 37, a real adventure playground in Berlin, Germany.   Recently called “the mother of all Berlin playgrounds” by The New York Times, Kolle 37 enables children to build and climb three-story wooden structures, make fire, and use hammers, saws and axes. Founded in 1990, Kolle 37 invites young people ages six through sixteen, without their parents, to embrace risky play in the “adventure playground” under the loose supervision of playworkers.   Although about 1,000 adventure playgrounds exist in Europe, there are only a few in the U.S. where the concept of “free play” is becoming an endangered concept. But adventure playgrounds not only encourage young people to play outdoors in all seasons, they also provide children a chance to face risk, learn skills, and build confidence.  Ultimately, “Imagine Kolle 37” poses the question—can we, as Americans, imagine Kolle 37, which in fact is a real children’s playground in Berlin? United States
Memory Card Full 0:06:43 David Safin
A man aims to document what remains of his deceased grandparents’ home. United States
SNOWFLAKES AND DIAMONDS 0:13:45 Johnick Petry*
A thought provoking glimpse into the struggles of a young woman’s heart as she contemplates love, marriage, children and family during the Christmas seasons of past and present. United States
The Eliminadora 0:19:50 PJ Gaynard
The Eliminadora is the inspiring story of a little girl with a big dream to be a luchadora, who proves that she has what it takes, and becomes a hero along the way. United States
Tommy & the Little Free Library 0:06:52 Kylie McGuire
A storybook-esque tale, with dialogue and narration entirely in verse. A lonely young bookworm, Tommy, ventures away from his usual hangout by the Little Free Library and goes to the local park to try to make a friend. United States
3:15 PM Marmite Session
When I Was Four 0:05:51 Hugo Ljungbäck
When I Was Four reenacts a distant childhood memory of the first night in a new home, and relates it to an adolescent experience, in hope to uncover what truth the memory holds, if any. United States
There Could Be Nothing After This 0:03:45 Andrew Huggins
A mother seeks closure. United States
Bug Zapper: Midair Bike Repair 0:01:34 Tom Eaton
While out on his bicycle, the Bug Zapper performs a daring jump! But when his tire is popped by the villainous Stickbug, he must fix it before landing. The Bug Zapper appears in his own graphic novel and digital comics: United States
Wasted Time 0:02:34 Natalia Nikkhoo*
The film is about a girl who does not appreciate her mother and everything her mother does for her until her mother dies. United States
Life in 5 0:05:00 Wendy Latella
A 5-minute film following a woman from womb to next as she embraces all one life has to offer and experiences all the love of a lifetime. United States
Two Can Play That Game 0:01:08 Denis Kiely*
A small time shopkeeper tired of being ripped off by shoplifters finally makes a stand and gets the better of his nemesis in a very clever way. Ireland
A Bolt from the Blue 0:09:46 Deb Ethier
When a summons crash-lands on their ship, Yorick (a clever and inventive skull) and his unusual crew leap, roll and spin into action to help a visitor from afar return to afar. Quirky off-centre animated humour on a non-budget from one-person Seat of the Pants Film Lab. Find out if there really is a flag on the moon! Canada
La vie d’un clown 0:10:09 Vira Burmenko*
A skilled artist Jacques Pitre sets out on his journey to find employment in the modern Toronto. Being also a clown he is faced with obstacles and judgment from the people and authorities; yet he finds his tribe along his path. Jacques  is a modern Charlie Chaplin in this short, silent black and white comedy-grotesque. He finds joy in simple things and is amazed at the vibrancy of the big city. Through music and the raw emotion of brilliant acting Jacques tells us his story of perseverance and determination. Canada
4:15 PM Afternoon Feature
Man In Red Bandana 1:14:00 Matthew Weiss*
This is a story of sacrifice, selflessness and how the actions of one man can touch and inspire others. Our film is about Welles Crowther, a 9/11 hero. Welles was tragically killed when the South Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed on 9/11. His heroics became known 8 months later due to a simple ordinary object … a red bandana. The film re-traces his last hour (his finest hour) saving others from the upper reaches of the South Tower. United States
5:30 PM Announcement/Screening of Category Winners
Announcement of Grand Prize Winner