2016 Festival & Results

M3F3 2016 Results, based on our judges’ official selection and then as voted for by our audience members

Category Award Winners:

Short Film under 5 minutes: ‘1-0’ by Saman Hosseinpuor, Iran

Short Film over 5 minutes: ‘Pushing’ by Ryan LaPine, USA

Female Filmmakers: ‘The Edge’, Alexandra Averyanova , Russia

Our Environment: ‘The Call from the Sea’ by Taylor McNulty, USA

Animation: ‘Cuerdas’ by Pedro Solís García, Spain

Highly Commended: ‘Journey’ by Radheya Jegatheva, Autralia

Comedy: ‘Paw Patrol’ by Kelsey Obrien McManus, USA

Marcellus Grand Prize: ‘Pushing’ by Ryan LaPine, USA



The festival as it happened….

Friday 11th November Theme: Opening Fun

6:00 PM Festival opening   G
  Some words from the Festival Director and from a special guest  
6:15 PM Original 8mm   PG
  Showing cartoons (Tom & Jerry, Loony Toons), Charlie Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy and other shorts.  
7:00 PM Singalong-a-film: Frozen   PG
  A sing-along film for the whole family, with words on screen. Dress as a prince or princess, or even a snowman… This is a riot!  
9:00 PM Super 8   PG13
  Screening of the 2011 film about children making a film who witness a train crash, with spectacular consequences. JJ Abrams (Director) / Steven Spielberg (Producer).  


Saturday 12th November Theme: Official Selections

Time Activity Name Rating  
9:30 AM Cartoons G  
Tom & Jerry, Loony Toons, Charlie Chaplin
10:00 AM Journey to the Center of the World PG  
Epic adventure film for the whole family
12:00 PM Short Films (less than about 5 mins)


PG to PG13  
  Project Title Director Country Duration (mins)
  1-0 S.Hosseinpuor Iran 1.00
  A barber starts cutting a boy’s hair, unfortunately while watching a football game on TV.
  Autumn Leaves S.Hosseinpuor Iran 3.98
  “Autumn Leaves” is about a little girl who is going to school.
  Fish S. Hosseinpuor Iran 4.00
  An old couple are living in an apartment, the man is sleeping and the woman is doing housework. The lady wants to change the fish tank’s water but it slips out of her hand and falls on the ground. They’ve ran out of water and there’s no water for the fish!
  Silence Elena  Brodach Russian Federation 3.55
  An elderly couple is watching a movie at a theatre. Suddenly gentleman’s hearing aid malfunctions. In an act of solidarity, the lady takes her hearing aid off as well. Love will conquer all.
  Loren The Robot Butler: Teach Me How To Dougie! Paul McGinnis United States 3.30
  Loren, a proper British robot and former head butler for a wealthy family, has been replaced with a Roomba and stored in the basement.  Now the kids program him to teach them stuff.  This time, it’s how to dance the Dougie!  This short film uses the art of Bunraku-style puppetry.  
  Happy Birthday Kevin John Psathas United States 1.18
  At 15, Kevin risks it all for a shot at greatness.
  Monster Soup Rebekah Fieschi United States 3.00
  A young girl has to suffer through her father’s cooking after her mother’s death. Even the soup…
  Commencement David Safin United States 2.28
  Digitized home video footage is reinterpreted as slides displayed via a projector in this recollection of my college experience, in particular, my graduation ceremony. The circular nature of the video’s presentation belies the omnipresent sentiment typical at commencement ceremonies, and that is the festivities represent an ending. Instead, the video verifies the definition of the word “commencement” as “a beginning.”
  DIE FREUNDIN (The homegirl) Iván Sáinz-Pardo Germany 3.67
  Open the door, it’s your best friend. (Abre la puerta, es tu mejor amiga)
  Mr. Blue Sky Alex Mortazavi United States 2.60
  This is a short awareness film about the dangers of teenagers using Adderall and other similar drugs. It accounts the downward spiral of a teenage boy who has become addicted to the drug.
  Answer Key Jierel Almario United States 3.00
  Students Lindsie and Michael receive a picture of their classmate, Hannah Booth, in an envelope, delivered from their school principal. The principal wants them to investigate Hannah during class for possible answer key theft.  Who is the real thief?
  Freerunner Padriac Farma United States 3.57
  A boy struggles with depression, and his only way to fight it is to get from Point A to Point B as fast as possible.
  Sleep Collins White United States 4.82
  Arguments aren’t always what they seem.
  Take The Chocolate Shahid Kamal United States 4.82
  It’s a story of two year old girl who likes a boy and wants to make him her friend. He is not interested but she wouldn’t give up!
  First Love Nicolas Raganato United States 5.82
  Daniel, a ten-year-old student wants to give his valentine card to his girlfriend Sammy, but the evil teacher Ms. Ruth takes it away threatening the kids to tell their parents. Now it is upon to Daniel to get it back for the sake of their love.
1:15 PM Short Films (5 to 30 mins)   PG  
  My Darling Chris Alan United States 7.00
  A treasure map reunites a fractured family.
  Pushing Ryan LaPine United States 10.00
  A homeless man, living on the fringes of society, feels out of touch with the speed and exclusivity of his surroundings.  He retreats into his imagination to a time where he was better capable of fitting in and was accepted by others.  When he is disrupted by a police officer, he initially sees him as a grave threat. However, through an act of kindness, he learns that this particular officer may truly want to help him.  In return, he offers forgiveness and shares a bit of himself and how he experiences the world in his own unique way.
  GRANDMOTHER Joseph Hardin United States 8.93
  A week before her 91st birthday, my Grandmother sits down to record her life story for future generations. Starting in the Great Depression, she recounts a tale of love, war and family.
  LA MOSCA (The Fly) marco di gerlando Italy 7.50
  Carlotta and her class have been assigned the task to draw animals starting with the M. While the rest of the kids have no problem drawing them, Carlotta is experiencing an artistic block. Finally, she gets the idea of the animal she is going to draw.
  Supermom Jason Honeycutt United States 14.60
  A daughter thinks her mother is a real life superhero – she might be right.    
2:30 PM Female Filmmakers   PG  
  My Identity Yasmin Mistry United States 10.92
  Ashley, a young Native-American girl, converts to Islam in hopes of finding structure in a life where it never existed.
  Fostering Promise Carina Nieto United States 11.50
  A short documentary that follows 20-year-old Imani Bayne, a student at Hostos Community College, as she exits the foster care system in the Bronx and re-enters her family’s life.
  The Edge Alexandra Averyanova Russian Federation 12.00
  An elderly woman lives at a small station, lost in the depth of a country. There’s not a single living creature for miles away. Every day, during many years, she is making the round of the metals. The same days pass in the most ordinary way. The only event in the woman’s life is a train that passes her station without a stop.
  The Journey to China Gaya Zolty Israel 13.83
  This is the story of two Chinese baby girls who were abandoned by their parents. They were adopted by Kate, an American woman who brought them to the US.  Unfortunately Kate passed away and the girls were re-adopted by Dorit, who emigrated with them to Israel. Now this unusual family travels to China – in an attempt to search the girls’ roots and forge their multicultural identity.
  Liberty Rosanne Limoncelli United States 14.83
  Libby is on the edge, stuck working at her family’s diner, held back by fear and obligations. Just as her thoughts begin to turn desperate, she has a chance meeting with someone from her past that could change everything.
  Bret Padriac Farma United States 8.53
  Filmmaker Caitlin LeBlanc sets out to explore her family’s tragic past.
4:00 PM Our Environment   G  
  The Call from the Sea Taylor McNulty United States 15.05
  What is the ocean saying if we could hear its voice? This is the question that brought me from Florida to live with the Bajau in Indonesia. As a filmmaker, I wanted to share the life of people who live intimately with the sea.   The Bajau are a sea nomadic group who have lived on the ocean for centuries. I wanted to see the ocean through their eyes and hear the ocean’s voice.   “The Call from the Sea” addresses the future of our oceans and what we are leaving behind. It is a personal and poetic story about life as a Bajau and how our actions affect their world, ten thousand miles away.
  Whale Aware Lauren Gilberson United States 8.00
  Whale Aware is the story of how a mobile app is being used to decrease the number of whale strikes by ships in busy shipping lanes in the US.
4:45 PM Animation   PG  
  Cuerdas Pedro Solís García Spain 10.87
  María’s routine at school is altered by the arrival of a very special child. Soon, they become close friends.
  Pal Connie Von Ohlen United States 1.22
  Racoon runs into trouble while finding something unexpected.
  Journey Radheya Jegatheva Australia 7.67
  An astronaut by the name of Orion is lost in space. All alone, he wonders where he is and what he should do.  He then comes across Aurora another astronaut who is in the same predicament. She gives him a polaroid image of the Earth.   They set off across the universe together on an epic journey in the quest to ‘Find Home’. Will they find home?  
  Pu Gong Ying Shiyii Xiong Not Specified 3.10
  The filmmaker did not supply a description – you just have to make up your own mind!
  Love Song of the Drone Brian Larson United States 2.73
  An animated music video about the life (and love) cycles of a drone bee.
5:30 PM “Comedy” – you decide if it’s funny!   PG to PG13  
  The Son of Piggyzilla Trilogy Dee Lewis United States 6.17
  After years of being experimented on, one guinea pig is out for revenge!
  Rachel’s Madcap Theater Joey Laura United States 11.97
  ‘Rachel’s Madcap Theater’ is an original story about eccentric puppeteer Rachel and her family of puppets. When Rachel’s obnoxious boyfriend Cal crosses the line, the puppets plan a comical mutiny, and things get ‘explosive.’
  Invaders web series: Angie’s Logs Mark Cabaroy United States 6.02
  Seven year old Angie Martinez is recording another episode of her YouTube show, “The Angie Show,” when she witnesses the beginning of an alien invasion of an unsuspecting planet Earth. For a while things are looking bad for the world but when Angie gets involved things start looking worse for the Invaders. “Holy Ship!”
  The Loneliness of the Short Distance Runner Ben Jacobson United Kingdom 7.58
  A young girl dreams of competing in the Olympics and a local fun run offers her a first opportunity to prove herself. This short comedy was 100% improvised by the lead actor (also the director) when she was just 11 yrs old.
  Paw Patrol Kelsey O’Brien McManus United States 5.23
  A Dog plays a cop that goes on patrol
  Assassin Brian Cook United States 5.37
  A nerf gun battle between two brothers.
  Dr. Elevator Kartikye Gupta United States 6.37
  The predictability of math meets the unpredictability of life. Trapped in an elevator with a strange woman going into labor, an Indian mathematician with Asperger must rise to the occasion and deliver the baby.
6:45 PM Original 8mm PG  
Showing cartoons (Tom & Jerry, Loony Toons), Charlie Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy and other shorts.
The USS Enterprise crew explores the furthest reaches of uncharted space, where they encounter a new ruthless enemy who puts them and everything the Federation stands for to the test.
9:00 PM Families have teens too! Expect violence, swearing. PG13  
  Last Chance Dániel Füzes Hungary 3.45
  What if you are a boxer, but you can’t fight back?
  Blue eyed boy Masoud Soheili Iran 18.10
  A boy with unusual color blindness causes his parents shame when he accidentally  kills some village livestock, so his parents seek medical treatment for the boy, and when hospital doctors cannot help,  they take him to a local Shaman for a remedy…
  BIRTHDAY Dimitris Katsimiris Greece 12.80
  Marios, a young man with cerebral palsy, is waiting for his uncle, with his mother at home, to celebrate together his 22nd birthday. But the arrival of his uncle, with his new girlfriend, will upset the family and create a suffocating atmosphere in the place.
  Mousse John Hellberg Sweden 40.00
  What could be easier than robbing a small bookie place on the outskirts of town? It’s during the year’s biggest horse race event and the betting center Washington’s Tobacco looks like the ultimate hit for some fast cash. Mousse is a man of pride and principles and is fed up with living as a second-class citizen. But what happens when he faces principles different to his own?
  Tour de Force Fedde Hoekstra Netherlands 30.00
  A restless bike-designer crashes his electric lowrider during a test drive which was carried out too quickly. His demanding mentor, with whom the boy has worked on the bike for weeks, drops him. In a high tech garage for trucks, with the help of two friends, he attempts to create a new design in order to shine on an ‘e-bike event. During the race against the clock that follows a key part that is missing puts their relationships on edge again.


Sunday 13th Nov

Theme: Marmite: Losers & Winners, Love them or Hate them

Marmite is a British spread which you either love or hate. Likewise, these are the films that split the Jury. You decide their fate. Lots of discussion encouraged.

Time Activity Name Details Rating  
2:00 PM Spent Lisa Mikitarian United States 1 hr 40 mins
  A dark comedy with a vintage vibe!  A wife and son live it up while their miser-rat of a husband/father lies in a hospital bed–death by brain tumor imminent. It’s all fun and games until he experiences a miraculous 4th of July recovery.   Poor Herbert…if only the brain tumor had killed him…
4:00 PM Shorter Films      
  Don’t Stop Moving Kelsey O’Brien McManus United States 25.48
  Introducing Go Pro Hero cameras and all you can do with them.
  The Double Cross Mark Brocking United Kingdom 17.30
  The Double Cross is a silent black and white comedy short set in the 1920s, where our hero is a young waiter for hire who gets caught up in a murder plot during a party and eventually rescues the damsel in distress.  
  Yuri on the Phone Rene Nuijens Netherlands 6.10
  ‘Yuri on the Phone’ is a dry tragic short comedy featuring Serbian film diva Rada Đuričin (1934) as a woman whose passion for Yuri Gagarin (1934-68) is still as strong as when it was first set aflame in 1961.
  William and Santiago Simultaneous Alexandra Hidalgo United States 5.40
  William and Santiago Simultaneous explores a question millions of parents ask themselves: just how alike are my children? The filmmaker and her husband filmed their sons reaching the same milestones during the boys’ first year of life, placing the images side by side on the screen so audiences can see how the boys’ individual journeys mirror each other. Besides providing a meditation on how siblings grow up, the film is a joyful look at what it’s like to make sense of the world for the first time.
  Stuck In Time Asher Glaser United States 5.65
  Henry lives alone in another time dimension. The world rushes around him at another time and pace. The moon and sun speed into each other before Henry has a chance to keep up. One day, he meets Mable, the only other person sharing his world.
  HIS FIRST TIME Angie Hawes Canada 6.28
  A young man always remembers his “first time”. First time being truthful that is. Watch as he learns a valuable life lesson from his girlfriend….sometimes it IS best not to tell the truth.
  Spectratta Susan Maughlin Wood United States 5.00
  We are all on the spectrum, if only by our tiptoes. The more we recognize this, the more compassion, empathy and indeed celebration we can experience for the whole spectrum of neurodiversity. In “Spectratta,” the video companion to Sonatina for Violin and Piano “Parallel Plaid,” time literally stretches and compresses in ways very familiar to those affected by Autism SD and ADHD/ADD as they interact with the outside world. Hyper-focus and fluttery focus likewise interlock in a dance between parent and child.  ©2016 PunchBeam Music, LLC (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved
  Sound of Silence Buchi Ogbonnaya Nigeria 2.82
  A young writer suffering with Schizophrenia tries to find peace as every sound becomes exaggerated in his head.
  The Big Clawed Monster Julia Vellutini Brazil 5.37
  “The Big Clawed Monster” tells the story of Werá, a boy from the indigenous tribe Krukutu, in São Paulo. After stealing a feather from a magical owl on the day of his ritual to adulthood, he is transformed into the mythical creature “The Monster of Enormous Claws”. He must then return the stolen feather to the owl, in order to become a boy once again.
  Night Terror Parker and Jarrod Chatham United States 5.98
  After the deaths of her beloved husband and horse following the Great War, a widow must come into terms with her tragedy.
  Peculiar Francesca Cacace United States 5.78
  A young woman wanders into the woods, and begins to behold peculiar happenings beyond her wildest dreams. But is there something more sinister lurking behind the branches?
6:00 PM Best of the Fest Category winners    
6:50 PM Prize Giving      
7:00 PM Singalong-a-film: Pitch Perfect PG13  
A sing-along film for the whole family, with words on screen. Don’t be shy!
9:00 PM Closing Remarks & Marcellus Grand Prize



9:15 PM Go Home everyone!