Nine Mile Creek

2021 Festival – 13th Nov 2021


Detailed Schedule: 

Time Session Film Country of Origin


6:30 Opening remarks    
6:35 kids Animation Al Tabbab Qatar
    Misfit United States
    It Always Could Be Worse United States
6:53 Our Environment Painting By Numbers Australia
    Corona God India
7:12 Comedy Kiwi’s Dream United Kingdom
    The Extinction Of Up United States
    Trent Lockwood and the Jaguar Skull United States
7:33 Horror The Visitors United States
    Branching out with the Invisible Man Australia
7:52 Intermission (Non-competition films)

M3F3 Film Camp 2021 Project

Off the Wall & Up Close

Central New York
8:10 SECOND HALF    
8:10 COVID-19 Expect China
    my dear quarantine Poland
8:35 Drama Where I’ve Been United States
    Hit List Japan
9:00 Family and home Kaval Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of
    The World’s Greatest Home  Canada
    Just Like Water Greece
    Emsahar Qatar
    Ride That Dream United States
9:54 Female Film Makers Eraser Japan
    The Odyssey Australia
    Diversity Germany
10:25 Announcement of Winners & Close    

A link to an App is provided to view the detailed schedule, see film posters, and to allow you to vote.