2nd JUNE 2019 ONLY: mini Pop-up Movie Theater at Marcellus Olde Home Days.


10:30am: 2016

Short Film <5 minutes 1-0 Iran 1:00
Female Filmmakers The Edge Russia 12:00
Our Environment The Call from the Sea USA 15:00
Animation Cuerdas Spain 12:00
Highly Commended Journey Australia 7:57
Comedy Paw Patrol USA (Marcellus) 5:23

12:00am: 2017

Comedy UFO Chasers USA 30:00
Iranian Track Iran 4:00
Home Land Doña Catalina USA 8:59
Environmental Still Here: 200 Years on The Erie Canal USA 5:00
Family & Fun Family Rewritten USA 13:15
GRAND PRIZE WINNER iRony Australia 7:53

1:30pm: 2018

Category Title Country Duration
Animation Pinch Pot Australia 4:21
Comedy Spy Games USA 8:20
Comedy* Hunting Bigfoot USA (Marcellus) 7:00
Comedy* How Dads Hear USA 2:31
Family and Home For a Better Life USA (Syracuse) 9:32
Family and Home* Average Mom USA 12:05
Female Filmmakers Golden Girl Germany 12:52
Female Filmmakers* D.A.T.E. India 13:10
GRAND PRIZE WINNER Good Girls Don’t Canada 15:00

*Highly Commended     Visit us on facebook: @TheM3F3

Welcome to the Marcellus Mini Movie Family Film Festival — also known as M3F3 – which will take place on Saturday 16th November 2019.

M3F3 is dedicated to bringing films to our community which entertain, make us think, reflect our local environment and are fun for all parts of the family. M3F3 2016 was our first year, and we continue to grow and focus on what makes the festival special and unique. Our mission is to increase film making and appreciation in the community.

The festival is kindly hosted by the Marcellus Free Library and it is FREE to attend.

We thank our sponsors! Click here for more information. Post comments here.

Now that you’re here…

M3F3 is a not-for-profit endeavor. We are looking for volunteers to help guide the festival • organize sponsorship • liaise with the media • organize judging • watch & judge films • hold seminars on film-making • graphics and logo • spreading the word • bringing enthusiasm & positivity • compiling the selections.

Contact Lewis McCaffrey, the Festival Director, at info@m3f3.org.